where we redefine therapy for souls swearing they're destined for greatness but caught in the past. Let's navigate challenges together and ensure you shine in your own spotlight.

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I’m Natalia, your last therapist.

Certified Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner trained under world-renowned therapist, author, and speaker Marisa Peer;  psychologist in training.

Like many, I've sensed life holds more than society's conventional path. I never felt like fitting into its dictated mold. Childhood trauma shaped my first three decades, forcing me to survive but also turning me into a more empathetic therapist today. 

So far I have helped dozens of ambitious souls all over the world to find freedom from the past and liberate the ‘Self’ to reconnect with who thy really are. The questions: Who Am I, Why Am I Here are not cliché! The existential crisis affects women and men everywhere and in this alternative approach for never-ending traditional therapy, we come together! 

I believe people are like Diamonds - each has a natural pattern telling a different story, each one is unique and no two are alike. And, I am here to help you shine in your own spotlight.

I am super motivated for work, I wake up excited to learn new things and add more projects to my portfolio. If I compare myself to before the therapy I feel now that being motivated and happy is not such an effort as it was before. I believe everything will turn out great and that good things are waiting for me. I feel like I am myself again.


"I feel like I am coming back home and have more clarity about who I am and what I want".

— Doris, UX Designer

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